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Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • bug
    A bug (defect) in the project
    • Group label
  • critical
    This is a critical defect (the program does not work)
    • Group label
  • done
    The work on this issue is done
    • Group label
  • duplicate
    This issue is a duplicate of another feature
    • Group label
  • feature
    A feature request to the project
    • Group label
  • invalid
    This issue is invalid (not a bug/will not be implemented)
    • Group label
  • in work
    On this issue is worked on
    • Group label
  • major
    This is a major defect (it is difficult to work around)
    • Group label
  • minor
    This is a minor defect (no loss of functionality)
    • Group label
  • normal
    This is a normal defect (working is possible but cumbersome)
    • Group label
  • planned
    An issue that is planned to implement/fix
    • Group label
  • question
    A question to the project
    • Group label
  • results
    Results from single program executions
    • Project label
  • wont fix
    This issue will not be fixed
    • Group label